When you strip the pomp and spender, this is what you get from:-KwikChex Ltd

Christopher Emmins and Ms.Gemma Chatwood

KwikChex Ltd

Their Claims:-

“World leading online reputation reassurances managers”


“Time for truth”

We thought it appropriate that we embrace their motto, and “expose the truth” behind KwikChex Ltd.

The Company is a properly constituted Company under the Companies act 1985 and subsequent amendments.

Its Head Office is Located at:-

1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London, N12 0DR.

Operational Ofice is Located at :-

5 St Stephens Court St Stephens Road Bournemouth BH2 6LA, U

The Company is administered by its  2 Directors.

Christopher A Emmins

5 Stephen Court Stephen Rd Bournemouth

He is 57 years old

Holds 100 shares out of 101


Ms.Gemma Chatwood

38 Castle Rd Bournemouth

She is 38 years old

Holds 1 share out of 101

The Company reported it’s equity/worth as £15k (as at 2013).

The Company investigates other Companies and does so for its own reward and profit.

The Company has multiple websites and they are:-




Mr. Emmins business History

The Companies left in the wake of Mr Emmins Directorships have been left with unpaid creditors and well in excess of £500,000.00 (incorporating (pre receivership declarations) losses, in excess of £480,000.00).

Mr Emmins has been involved with 14 other Directors. They have all decided (for their own reasons) not to be involved with him or in his creation of KwikChex Ltd.


Ms. Gemma Chatwood

This person is a first time Director, as such we have no history assessing her competency in being a Director.

These are the facts in respect to the “World leading online reputation reassurances managers’ organisation.”

Therefore  the quality of the management consist of one unqualified and untested Director and Mr Emmins, who has spectacularly guided directed a total of 22 fledgling Companies into destruction, whilst leaving vast amounts of creditors out of pocket and impecunious. The above is the rap sheet of this Director.


The Service KwikChex Ltd Provides:-

This company promotes its company here and explains


KwikChex says:- Everyone knows that the internet is a huge mix of great information and services- and that it is full of lies, distortion and fraud

KwikChex has become a major global force in helping tackle the bad aspects- providing investigation, authentication and resolution services that help safeguard reputations and protect consumers

The consumer and readers should assess whether or not this Company and Director are what they say they are:- I (in this article) will look at “distortion”

-Have they Become a Major Global Force?-

They have 15k of equity, which is not enough to pay 2 people the min wage; they have 2 operations Timeshare and Food Reviews.

Do you believe they are “global”? Is that a sustainable claim?

Providing Investigation and Authentication

If they do provide this service, there is not one single person mentioned on any of the website who is qualified to investigate, they are no professional bodies which regulate any investigations, (they purport to conduct) and they are not members of any industry association, they are not affiliated to anyone other than RDO and TATOC.

RDO SAY: “It was perceived that for too long, the trade association had looked to the relevant state organisations to enforce the law and to track down the fraudsters preying on our industry. Lack of state resources inevitably meant this had not happened – the time had come to act and to act decisively.RDO has recognized this in the setting up of the “Timeshare Task Force” in the UK, about which more will be disclosed later this year.” 

“Timeshare Task Force” despite existing in the ether and mind of RDO is run by KwickChex

RDO discus the states failings, tracking down fraudsters, the time has come to act, there being a need to invent the Timeshare Task Force.

Paul Gardner Bougaard, of the RDO, reportedly said by TATOC:

“We will do what government bodies won’t. We will take on the rogues and scammers through private prosecutions with the hope that the Director of Public Prosecutions will pick them up.”


Therefore the crack force needed to do this, as well as orchestrating “private criminal prosecution” would have to be qualified. Work to a procedure, investigate, report, consider, challenge and prepare criminal actions, discovery of documents, witness statement, evidence collection. etc

The list goes on and on, need I say any more?

  • KwickChex do not promote a single employee who is qualified. Alas they do not have an announcement of any past detectives or investigator who they are proud to have secured the services of.
  • KwickChex have not published any sub contractors who the use, or who are affiliated to or the compliance qualifications.
  • KwickChex have detailed no cases (past or present) whereby they publish the wrong doing they have discovered.
  • KwickChex publish no consumer warning in respect to ongoing investigations.
  • KwickChex have no reports concerning any prosecuted person company or firm.
  • KwickChex have not caught anyone being even mischievous since being employed by RDO and RDO.
  • KwickChex have not reported one prosecution, expected prosecution or prosecution which the police DPP have taken over.

Do you feel protected in the hands of RDO and KwikChex TATOC and Mr. Emmins?

This is the Company and Director which RDO have chosen to represent them and carry out their very important mission and promise!

Is this a promise fulfilled, something else or just the timeshare spin doctor “at it” again?

Posted on: July 12, 2014

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 01253 804 318 or email: info@TimeshareConsumerAssociation.org.uk

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