Kwikchex evidence shunned by USA Court in Tennessee

Kenneth Seaton, owner of Grand Resort and Convention Centre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and backed by Kwikchex (UK reputation management company) crashed out of it’s litigation in spectacular style.

Kwikchex, (the global UK based reputation management company) gave its entire backing to Kenneth Seaton owner of Grand Resort and Convention Centre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA who was claiming $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages from TripAdvisor in a defamation suit.

KwikChex (who were not a party in the action) just tendered advice to their client and backed up that advice with a statement on behalf of its client for the purposes of restoring Mr. Seaton’s reputation.

“Run of the mill job” One would expect from one of the leading global (UK based) reputation management companies.

How did that advice assist Kwikchex’s client?

The Kwikchex account of the allegation is well documented on KwikChex website.

What is not on the website is what the USA courts thought of the advice and deposition statements given by KwikChex’s Mr. Emmins.

The answer has been a long coming.

With the assistance of KwikChex own website their client’s position was broadcast to its leading global operation. Was it a spectacular victory riding on KwikChex advice or a miserable disaster?

I am afraid it was the latter, as the case was thrown out of the USA court without even a trial.

The matter never even got to court.

In truth the case was reported as “dismissed by a summary application” as the idea, concept and allegation was not worth even hearing.

The court, in short, tossed the case out which leaves the advice given by KwikChex in utter tatters and their client out of pocket.

The judge noted in his ruling that Grand Resort’s answer to TripAdvisor’s motion to dismiss the suit “relies heavily” on a deposition by Christopher Emmins, Kwikchex CEO, who testified how his company prodded the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority to bar TripAdvisor from claiming its user reviews are from real travellers.

Have no fear as Mr Emmins and Kwikchex were not parties in the litigation so their cash assets  are not affected, Just the clients who took Kwikchex’s advice.

We understand Mr Emmins or Kwikchex have not reported the Judgement so if any consumer or trader wants to access the entire Judgment they can do so by this link.

Posted on: July 14, 2014

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