The Roadshow will commence in September 2014.

The roadshow will be an event whereby you are given information in respect to timeshare. The statements made and theory given are not generated or sponsored by the timeshare industry.

The roadshow is not directed at MacDonald’s, Silverpoint, Lakeview etc or in respect to Points, Fixed or Fractional weeks,

It’s not about any particularly aspect of timeshare. It’s about all aspects of timeshare issues and from an angle you might not have contemplated before.

It’s about giving a better understanding of timeshare owners from the legal, theoretical and logical aspect which is free from the industries financial contamination.

We will be explaining:

  • What we think you own
  • Why the resale market is frozen.
  • Why every major organisation in the industry has its own consumer association.
  • Why the committee members have extensive responsibilities.
  • Why we believe you have an asset and why you collective own it.
  • Where have all the surrendered timeshare weeks have gone. Why are yours assets?
  • Why people are being sold points.
  • About closed loop currency based (point systems) timeshare sales and the beneficial reasons why the entire industry is either asking you to move or forcing to you move over to them.

You will hear timeshare discussed from another angle. So that you can action with your own reasoning when making your decision what you want to do.

It has always been about choice, always your call, as it’s your timeshare.

If you believe you need change in the industry you should come.

If you are unsure about aspects in the industry, again you should come

No one will sign you up for anything; no one on this road show is selling anything.

Every panel speaker will attend on his/her own; pay their own costs and expenses. They will arrive with clean hands and leave with clean hands.

We are trying to arrange a gentleman to give a talk about a resort with a club which is run by consumers.

It’s for club committee members as well.

You might not like what we say about your roll and responsibilities.

You will not be disrespected you will be informed as to our view and if you hear that view you can contemplate whether our not you are at risk.

You all bought something; you own that something and you can all do with that something what you want to do.

The industry does not have a good reputation, it’s stalled and it keeps changing. Yet consumer benefits do not materialize.

For over forty years it’s been the same people doing the same experiment. The results have always been the same shame, anguish, hurt, distrust, bad feeling, disgust and discord.

All we seek to do is change the experiment so that get a different result.

You can do it. We might be able to help.

Dates confirmed as:


Aberdeen: 6th of September start 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Stirling: 7th of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Newcastle: 13th of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Leeds: 14th of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Manchester: 20th of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Birmingham: 21st of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Yeovil: 27th  September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Cambridge: 28th of September 10.30 am (lunch 1.30-2.30) 5.00pm

Northampton: 29th/30th (evening events) 6.30 am 10pm (both days)


All timeshare consumers, committee members and the industry are invited.

Now it’s in the consumer’s camp.

Do you want to come?


or ‘like’ our Facebook page and register your interest there

or call us on 01253 299 753


Questions answered

The TCA will not charge you for attendance; we will however beg you to donate to costs and expenses of staging the events. Begging and grovelling might be the order of the day.

In attendance will be a selection of legal experts, traders and advisors.

You can ask any question you want and challenge any proposition made.

You will not be sold a timeshare product.

Any and all donations will be private and placed in a sealed bucket and will be between you, your conscience and the bucket.

All collected moneys will be counted after the event and solely used to paying for the staging of the events the distribution of literature, accommodation, event expenses and forms. Please note some are impecunious whilst others better off. It’s not about “you have to do it” It’s about “do you want to”?

All people assisting in the delivery of the advice will not be paid for the advice given and service rendered.

No expert, advisor or speaker will receive a commission. The entire purpose is to form groups and unite.

I am also certain as a human being that all are suffering. This meeting will be orderly and respectful in every aspect.


Posted on: August 18, 2014

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