I received a complaint about what we at the TCA would consider miss selling of timeshare.

Our consumer has reported that he had acquired a timeshare from Shakespeare Classic lines and that his original timeshare was bought through a sales company which after a thorough investigation by the TCA was clearly was associated with Shakespeare.

The selling companies are listed below:-

PRESTIGE VACATIONS LTD Company is dissolved


To avoid doubt the companies listed above are all associated companies which were directed by a connected party to Shakespeare Classic Line and who operated from the same office of Shakespeare Classic line and in shadow of the main operation.

Shakespeare classic lines operating minds were Mr Andrew Stephan Harris Mr David Keith Evans

His Honour, Judge Alan Parker, presiding, said that Harris and anotherdirector David Keith Evans had been running a “fraud factory” from their base in Hatton, near Warwick, “where victims were processed in industrialquantities.


Shakespeare Classic Lines operations included the following:-

Shakespeare Management.

Dames De La Mer

Clube Cabo

Verde Narrow boat


Company Director responsible for selling the sham products was Miss Lisa Michelle Clements who was the director of the companies listed below.

Company Name Company Status Position Appointed Resigned Dissolved
MEDIA WORLDWIDE MARKETING LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 15/01/2004 Yes
ELYSAURA MARKETING LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 12/02/2003 Yes
VACATION SOLUTIONS CONSULTANCY LTD Company is dissolved Director 16/07/2008 Yes
PRESTIGE VACATIONS LTD Company is dissolved Director 06/02/2006 Yes


The products in most cases were financed by FNCF – First National Consumer Finance Ltd, a GE Company – later re-named GE Money and as such they are jointly and severally liable for facilitating the contracts which consumers entered into.

This being the case and if consumers did enter contracts with Shakespeare Classic Lines Ltd they will be entitled to (all) their money back (if they so chose to terminate the timeshare product they bought). If no assisted finance was taken then those consumers have lost their money as the company is insolvent.

This is the reality of the situation. The industry fails to promote this fact however it is common knowledge in the industry and should not be forgotten as consumers are blinded to the truth.

Avante Leisure Group (by some means) acquired a part of the enterprise and collect maintenance fees from consumers yet do not expressly inform those consumers that they can exit free of charge. They do permit exits and charge for the exit which in truth consumers are not required to pay.

That is the history!

Our clients claim they were approached by Dyserth Falls Resort who explained they could get them an exit from the Avante/Shakespeare Timeshare however those consumers would have to buy a timeshare fractional product with them to secure the exit.

The Consumer say:-

We have had a timeshare with Avante since 2008 and in August 2014 bought a fractional share from Dyserth Falls Resort, the agreement was that they would take over the Avante contract, releasing us from ongoing years of increasing maintenance fees. We are now getting conflicting information from both companies and know that we are being told lies, but we don’t know by which company. Dyserth Falls have our money for the new contract and Avante are saying that they know nothing about them taking over our contract and are demanding maintenance fees that are due.

Are you aware of any issues with either company?

Clearly they could have could have exited free of charge, so there was no need to acquire a further timeshare. In truth the consumer sought advice about disposal not acquisition.

The worse bit of the debacle is that even thought the seller tendered silence on the free exit issue, when they sold their product the consumers say they did not want.

This could be a classic case of misrepresentation by silence as to the options available. Is this why the industry has so many advice centres, help lines and inter connected affiliates which all promote each other?

To return to the matter and to expose the worst element of the transaction the consumers problem doubles as it is alleged that Dyserth Falls Resort never obtained an exit from the Shakespeare classic line contract therefore leaving the consumer with two timeshares and 2 maintenance fees and the possibility of hefty litigation costs.


Posted on: October 22, 2014

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