Some might seek to reprimand us for this article; however it would not (in our opinion) be just to ignore the issue of ITRA after the exposure of Mindtimeshare.

I have to qualify that I have spoken to a Director of ITRA on one occasion and for a short period when carrying due diligence on the thief of dreams articles.

Many web sites have admonished ITRA over the years. Much of the scathing has originated from Mindtimeshare, Alberto Garcia and the industry which in reality ITRA fights each and every day.

When speaking to ITRA I was very cautious as their name in the industry has been heavily blighted by the very people they take to task each and every day. We, to date have always been sceptical about joining the hoards, pouring and levelling allegations against this company as we don’t (at this stage) know the whole truth about them.

As an alternative, every consumer has to except (if we were being truthful) ITRA is the most successful company who actions claims against the timeshare industry and who act on behalf of consumers against resorts.

Would it equally be shocking to consumers, if in reality the TCA stated that we have not had 1 complaint in 6 months about ITRA.

So let’s look at the facts known to the TCA.

We have received many queries from consumers who have been seeking alternative advice about ITRA and those consumers have always stated that the industry admonishes them over and over again. In rebuttal the TCA has says “we have no recorded complaints about ITRA”.

Surly we would have, if this enterprise was a dubious as the industry say they are!

ITRA have a network of law firms in and around Europe who action many, many claims on behalf of UK Consumers. They have networks and procedure in place and for those consumers who engage them to assist them in mounting legal actions.

If there operations (as suggested by the industry) were bogus, there would exist copious amounts of independent reportable cases which have been uncontaminated by the industry and as to their antics. Again this proof is bitterly lacking.

Consider that having amassed a significant amount of legal actions some of those actions will flounder and as a consequence some consumers will lose their adventure. That all said not every solicitor wins every case. After all- all law practises only put forward (and to the court) their clients case, not their own. Should therefore timeshare consumers admonish ITRA (who is assisting consumers) as in reality ITRA are only assisting consumers.

It’s a reality that some cases go to a court and if those cases fail is it the consumers case which lacks merit. If that was the test then each and every solicitor and law firm would attract the same level of industry abuse yet they don’t.

Interestingly ITRA sign post consumers to the largest Timeshare legal case in history “the RCI Action Group” They do so to assist consumers in receiving a just outcome to the very troubles they complain about. If that case is successful then ITRA will have perform a great service to the timeshare community. Should they not be praised for the acumen they have shown, the pre action investigations they have conducted and the enhancement they have given to consumers.

The RCI action claim (as stated) is the biggest of its kind, fully funded and supported by Edwin Co one of the largest firms of solicitor in the UK.

If this single group action is successful, then the very industry which hails ITRA as a sham will lose many, many millions.

Is it not the case that the scathing and bad publicity levelled against ITRA is an industry tat-tic so as to cast doubt on ITRA and with a view of reducing the entrants of the legal action which will save one of TATOC and the RDO sponsors, who might be liable for significant money for alleged skimming and wrong doing?

The original pulpitor of this habitual lashing has been exposed in his entirety in the thief of dreams article 1,2,3,4,5,6, he has ignored court orders and penal notices which he once vowed to up hold as a policeman.

If this purported expert witness gave testimony in a UK court and it was found that he was nothing but a grubby operator who investigated for the purposes of others, who judges for the benefit of others and who dissuaded consumers from seeking a retribution for misspent adventures. The mere fact fact he has done what he has done will render every allegation he ever level suspect and has blighted wracked and destroyed his credability.

Can consumers with just conscience stay on the whimsical band wagon when the undercurrent is so badly flawed?

Should not the ethical minds amongst us not clear away all the propositions made by Mindtimeshare and revaluated before charging down what could be a stained pathway and on a blind bend.

We remain neutral with regards to ITRA. It’s not our bent to join this charade, equally it’s not our mission to promote them as in truth we know very little about them, but it would be very true to say is that the industry attack is based on a completely wrong and blighted premise.

Each will judge ITRA and for their own reasons. They ought to succeed or fail on their own concepts models and morals not the evidence of a buffoon pudderling tickle tackle or misplaced innuendos.

ITRA might have done thing wrong in the past but equally they could have done a lot of good. The only way to justly adjudicate ITRA is to clear away the lies and await their rebuttal which is truly owed to then and by all of us.

Posted on: November 28, 2014

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