News is arriving in about Dyserth Falls, This resort has been no stranger to problems and it seems that it death is just around the corner.


The staff at the resort appears to have been sacked by way of redundancy in January. The resort having now no staff left a message on the answering phone saying that the resort would be re opening in February, however that message has been removed and no longer exists. The TCA cannot locate any other information to assist consumers in this regard.

That said if consumers have any outstanding payment or they are locked into direct debit payments they should cancel the payment immediately and until these issue have been addressed and assurance obtained as to the status of the resort.

Some consumers have been given an e mail address but alas no one is responding adding to the worry and troubles of the consumers.

All other information providers appear to be silent on the issue at present. The TCA has an agent who is working as fast as he can to get information so that his fellow timeshare consumers are assisted but news is either being stalled avoided or halted at present.

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It is reported that the 2 main companies have attracted CCJ judgements against them.

Companies Court search line advise;

Expert Resort Solutions Limited

 Record is clear, no winding up petitions found or located.

That said:-

Dyserth Falls Limited

 Winding up Petition No 406 of 2015 filed at Companies Court on 14/1/15. Winding up hearing listed 2/3/15. HMRC Solicitors Tel: 0300 589 216, Ref: SLR1771588/39/W


Consumers who will be affected by the fall out should seek guidance from the numbers above and join together to ensure that the right those consumers enjoy in the underlining asset is maintained.

We obtained copies of the two main leases granted on the lodges and it seems that no leases have registered interest for those who paid for Timeshare either as a straight Timeshare or as a Fractional Owner (which we are) with the Land Registry.

In respect to some consumers they did not sign the original documents they presented with. Some consumers have contacted Craig Derbyshire who act on my behalf the resort, again no responce has been made.

A concerned owner has taken the time to research as he is becoming alarmed and distressed over the issue has indicate that his enquiries have put him in touch with a firm called Gamlins of Rhyl who say that the lease is in favour of Expert Resolutions has been revoked by them on behalf of owners.

Consumers are invited to contact the TCA by e mail so that the event can be shared will all consumers.


Posted on: February 6, 2015

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 01253 804 318 or email:

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