Club Puerto Atlántico and “Canarian legal Alliance” CLA

This resort is controlled by Eugen Kaiser, equally he is the directing mind of “Canarian Legal Alliance” CLA which operates in the legal profession, exiting timeshare consumers from timeshare contracts and holiday

To complete the story Eugen Kaiser was the ex timeshare sales manager who sold timeshare contracts for and on behalf of “Anfi Del Mar” -the very resort which he challenges every day in his legal enterprise. Of course Mr. Kaiser will dispute this assertion and claim that he is not the Director of the Spanish legal company and the Director of CLA is filled by his wife. If he does claim such, then in truth his claims would be untruthful. He is the controlling mind and he asserts authority in all matters to do with both Club Puerto Atlántico and CLA

Canarien legal alliance

Anfi del Mar and its hoard of ex salesmen have ignored timeshare legislation and have habitually sold dodgy timeshare contracts-both fixed and floating week. Mr Kaiser therefore did likewise.

Recently and as result of allegations levelled by Mindtimeshare Mr. Kaiser and over 50 other employees were arrested and dragged off to the police station for questioning. They were all later released however the matter was reported in the Local Press and news stations. After that event CLA went on the offensive marketed and promoted the event as a sham arrest, claiming to be innocent. After the arrest and release they had a continuance of selling their legal services. Equally they also had a continuance of selling holiday club contracts at Club Puerto Atlántico. Holiday club contracts have been hailed a scam by the TCA and these claims were investigated by the BBC. See here

You can read the report here.

One could have suggested that CLA and Mr. Kaiser did sell dodgy timeshare contracts and that he had an epiphany and decided to assist those who his employers had ripped off in the past, however that suggestion would indeed flounder and he charges excessive charges with front loaded fees and back end rewards in any recovery of damages. To be paid for your services and then to take money from a damage reward is immoral and certainly un ethical in legal circles.

Mr Kisiars operation have again been investigated by a leading TV Station in Germany

Those who are frequent visitors from the blog of the Mindtimeshare blog will know they reported an investigation carried out by a German TV Station. That TV station investigated “Club Puerto Atlántico” holiday complex and especially the holiday products.

“us oldies” do say a picture or a video speaks a thousand words and even though the video is in German who do see the reaction of the English sales man when he is confronted by the salesmen.

Some will no doubt say once a timeshare salesmen always a timeshare salesman.

Should you still use CLA or should you engage with them to conduct your legal affairs is a matter which consumer would have to wrestle with themselves, however if you are suspicious and wary you should also consider not parting with thousands of pound to a firm who operates in this manner.

Maybe Mind Timeshare were right in the first place and maybe they had a good handle on Kaiser from the very start. Certainly “Sandy Grey” did as berated them for years to such an extent they accountant was fined £5,000 by her Professional body.

A British woman has been arrested for allegedly helping organise a £4.3million timeshare fraud that targeted thousands of tourists.

 “Paula Beatson” is one of 58 people – mostly Britons – held when police raided timeshare showrooms in Gran Canaria.

The 44-year-old is believed to be the financial brain behind a scam in which about 2,000 holidaymakers paid up to £25,000 each for timeshare properties that they could not use.
Timeshare without doubt breeds Frankenstein operations were by ex timeshare salesman sell dodgy products and then sell legal unkempt dreams to get the same people out of them.

Timeshare contracts were sold by Mr Kaiser , he profited from the mis-selling and now seeks to benefit from the selling of legal dreams as CLA. They are well known for their excessive charges. CLA need the cash generated by high massive so as to fund their internet advertising campaigns, cold calling activities and promotions. He also brightens up his offices with cacophony of pretty and big busted girls and states-“ hey-we are a sexy company”?

CLA and Mindtimeshare are not associated with each other and it would be fair to say they oppose each other disseminating many allegations levelled again at each other. Mindtimeshare claim to represent consumer’s interest and do investigate many “sham companies” who purport to exit timeshare consumers from holiday contracts. In reality some companies don’t provide the services they represent to will do.

Mindtimeshare when under the control of Albert Garcia did make wilful and reckless allegation and found itself in from of the High Court in London were a penalty was paid the RDO on behalf of him and a “penal notice” was attracted to the order. That said; it appears the site is now under the supervision of KwikChex and, its editorial control, management and content has changed tones.

Since that event Mindtimeshare has vastly improved and does provide benefit to consumers.

That said, they are very suspicious of everyone, inferring that every company committees wrongs. They do not assist consumers in signposting them to reasonable companies who will carry out skilful and genuine exits and terminations. Mindtimeshare is supported and funded by the RDO and TATOC and KwikChex share information with mindtimeshare. Mindtimeshare do not investigate members of the RDO or TATOC

In order to be able to see what really happens inside, the German television channel provided a covert camera to a couple of German tourists.

As in a lot of cases the tourists were approached by a sales tout with a scratch card on the Beach promenade of the Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria. This I have to say is old style “tat-tic”

No surprise!! They won the main prize of the day but had to go and pick this up, accordingly they were treated as VIP Guests and a timeshare presentation at .the hotel Club Puerto Atlántico.

After many hours of strenuous walks in the hotel grounds and a visit to a luxury equipped suite, and mind numbing explanations about the reasons why they should decide “HERE and NOW”. After a refusal they were dismissed as they would not part with their money.

The star prize of the day was not given nor did they receive any “VIP treatment”.  But the couple suggested that they did encounter aggressive treatment.

As they discovered later on, the free holiday week the couple of tourists received as their prize could only be submitted and used if they would have bought into the holiday package.

The team of reporters then tried to get a statement at the hotel, but was not received. In an attempt to speak to one of the sales representatives, who left the hotel, the situation becomes even violent and the journalist is threatened by this man who tries to hit him and broke the camera. Screaming F*** O**

Mr Kaiser the owner hotel and refused to meet reporters however confirmed: “The number of consumers who want to cancel the agreement after signing it is a private matter and we cannot comment,” and also: “We do not exert any pressure on consumers to make them sign the agreement”.

Is this the representative you want to assist you in legal action?

For timeshare legal assistance contact Tess (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) Ltd -See here

For free information, free speech and consumer assistance register with Timeshare talk -See here

For exchanges in timeshare check out UKRE –See here

For re sales visit The Timeshare Shop-See here


Posted on: August 14, 2015

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