Following on from yesterday’s article “Silverpoint Switch and Bait” the TCA have done further research and been alerted to, or SCA for short, it seems to only be missing an M at the end and it would have quite an appropriate acronym.

Silverpoint Consumer Advice on Timeshare

TESS LTD wrote quite an interesting article about the Silverpoint Consumer Advice Website back in February 2016, stating;

“Silverpoint have sold and mis-sold many products and its selling methods and contracts have hit the courts on many occasions and attracted many adverse judgements.

Consumers are certainly not advised to seek Silverpoint advice, as it is tainted with industry bias and not independent. One has to wonder how they can even suggest it.”

For some strange reason the website has been purposely excluded from any search engines, like Google as an example.  Is this so they cannot come under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority, ASA, for misleading the consumers into thinking that they are getting genuine, impartial advice, when in fact they will no doubt be baited and switched.


Even on Silverpoints own Facebook page, the reviews speak for themselves with regards to their “Consumer Advice”.  Silverpoint Vacation Club are members of TATOC and RDO.

Silverpoint Review

Look here for more information on how Silverpoint, previously Resort Properties, operates and be wary of seeking advice from them.


Posted on: April 20, 2016

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