It has been brought to our attention that Frias Toribo dynamic lawyers supposedly working out of an office in Madrid is one company to avoid.  The so-called lawyers, that claim to have been in business for years, are using a method of attracting customers that is now illegal in the UK, cold-calling.  They claim to have access to a ‘Timeshare Database’, which is where they will say they have got your telephone number.  There is no such thing as a Timeshare Membership list, or database, that is their first fault.  However, it does sound a believable enough reason as to how they got a hold of your number, do not be fooled.

Frias Toribio’s main objection is to help timeshare owners that have previously been cheated out of monies, and to assist them in a court case to recuperate these funds.  They claim to investigate each case separately, and only put forward a claim if they believe they are able to claim anything back.  However, it seems that this so happens to be every case they take on board.  Each case is passed through the court very swiftly, and every case receives notification that they have won a substantial amount of money.

So where is the catch you may be asking?  The fees for Frias Toribio are paid from any winnings, so seems like a ‘no win, no fee’ claim.  However, there are fees that are payable to the courts to process the paperwork, and these are not deductible from the winnings, they have to be paid before the winnings are released.  Frias Toribio make sure this is realised by the client in the form of a bank transfer, and surprise surprise, once this transfer has been made, demands for further taxes, fees, admin costs just keep coming and the promise of the pay-out disappears into thin air.

When the client then tries to get in contact with Frias Toribio, they find that the website for the company has only been registered since July 2016, a little strange if they have been in business for years.  The telephone number that the client has received all correspondence from is actually a mobile number 00 34 603 383 971, and there is no lawyers office to be found at the business address on the company website; Calle Del Carmen, 28013 Madrid, Spain.  On further investigation of the website, we have found that it is registered to a Jorg Uehlinger in Paris, France.

We at the TCA would like to raise awareness to this company, and others that may be using similar tactics.  Always be wary about companies that offer to help you for nothing, and if it seems to good to be true, it generally is.  We would strongly advise not to do business or give any personal details to Frias Toribio.  If you have been contacted by Frias Toribio and would like to share your story with us, please get in touch with us on the email address or phone number below.

Posted on: August 11, 2016

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