Compensation Claims on the rise.

December 8th, 2016

Yet again the Supreme Courts across Spain are successfully pursuing timeshare resorts for mis-selling timeshare products.   We at TCA are happy to announce that such claims are being successfully executed. The courts are forcing these resorts to pay substantial damages to timeshare consumers, leaving resorts such as, MacDonald’s Resorts, Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts, Anfi […]

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TATOC Members, Club La Costa, Pressure Selling Tactics

November 4th, 2016

TCA have been contacted by various consumers all complaining of the same ‘pressurised’, selling tactics from representatives working for the timeshare company Club La Costa. Mr & Mrs X originally purchased what they understood to be from the outset, a ‘trial’ membership, which to their surprise was not to be the case. TATOC and RDO […]

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Rip Off Britain Reveals Timeshare Scams

October 14th, 2016

We reported on Monday about the BBC programme Rip-off Britain, which revealed the secrets and pushy tactics of Club la Costa’s timeshare sales pitch.  We then reported on ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Association)  on Tuesday, whom claim to seek retribution for timeshare owners.  However, the video below shows that their tactics are a bit untoward. We […]

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BBC Reveals ITRA’s Dubious Relinquishment Technique

October 12th, 2016

We wrote yesterday how Heather and her family were desperately trying to escape from their Club la Costa timeshare, almost three years into their ownership they were no further forward with an exit plan.  Heather thought that she had exhausted all avenues until she received a call from ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Association).  ITRA claim […]

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Club La Costa Featured in BBC Programme Rip-off Britain

October 11th, 2016

It’s all very well when you are offered a free holiday on a paradise island such as Tenerife, especially when you have fallen against hard times as Heather and her family did.  The TCA were informed about the program on BBC Friday 7th October that highlighted some of the bullying tactics that the timeshare resorts […]

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High Pressure Selling from CLC

May 13th, 2016

Yet another unbiased review on Tripadvisor was posted on 10th May 2016, detailing the pitfalls of accepting a too good to be true offer. “josephine-public” from Hampshire detailed that she received a phone call offering her a self-catering holiday for £99 to Tenerife, the catch was they needed to give up a morning or afternoon […]

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