Corredor family & Westgate finally agree

November 22nd, 2017

After a long drawn out legal battle between timeshare giant Westgate Resorts and Julieta de Corredor and her family; it has been reported that issues have finally been resolved. Julieta de Corredor, now a widow and 83, and her late husband bought their Orlando vacation home back in 1985 for $154,000 and paid all the […]

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Westgate are Still Battling Against Widower

August 21st, 2017

Last year the TCA wrote several stories about the widower, Julieta Corredor, 82 years of age, and her battle against Westgate resorts and their new tower resort to be built in Orlando Florida.  The widower and her family had not given up their timeshare resort that sits in the same grounds where Westgate started to […]

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Dated Decor & Relentless Sales Representatives at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

February 10th, 2017

Westgate Las Vegas, receives further reports from disappointed consumers due to shabby decor and pushy sales representatives pouncing on them at every given opportunity. The latest report claims the reception staff are extremely unhelpful and it’s becoming more and more common for reservations to be booked incorrectly.   One consumer reports that after creating a scene […]

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Westgate set to Rebuild Smoky Mountain Resort

December 15th, 2016

  Further to our article on the 2nd December in relation to Westgate’s Smoky Mountain Resorts fire damage, we can now report that fifty of their timeshare units have now re-opened.  There are another 200 due to open this weekend all going well.  Mark Waltrip, chief operating officer of Orlando-based Westgate is happy with the […]

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Westgate Closes Resort after Fires Rip Through Gatlinburg

December 2nd, 2016

There has been terrible destruction and 11 deaths to date in the horrific fires that are still raging through Gatlinburg and neighbouring tourist areas in the smoky mountains of eastern Tennessee.  Most of Sevier county has been evacuated, and many buildings, lodges and tourist attractions have been destroyed or damaged by the fires and smoke.  […]

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Holdout Family take Westgate Resorts to Court

November 24th, 2016

This week a petition was received at the Orange County Courthouse submitted by a south Floridian family, in the attempts to cease construction at the new Westgate Timeshare tower in Orlando´s main tourism district. The Corredor family who have owned the property for over 30 years are refusing demands to vacate and have taken the […]

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Widower loses Battle Against Westgate

October 21st, 2016

We have been reporting on a widower whom took on a battle against the huge timeshare entity that is Westgate. Julieta Corredor found her family holiday home partially destroyed after Westgate commenced work on the planned tower block of new timeshare units, and ‘accidentally’ knocked down part of her holiday home. You are able to […]

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Widow demands $2million from Westgate

October 4th, 2016

We started reporting about a widow whom was being pushed out of her timeshare resort in Florida by Westgate Resorts back in May this year, and the dispute is continuing.  Julieta Corredor has now come back with a figure that she expects, not only for the value of her timeshare property, which she purchased back […]

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Resolve is Pending for Westgate Owner

June 16th, 2016

We reported on the 27th May about the widower Julieta Corredor, whom has had all the land wiped out around her vacation home in California was sitting firm.  She had not wanted to sell her condo on to Westgate Resorts, causing problems for them in their 24-million-dollar build.  Realistically Corredor was completely within her rights, […]

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Westgate Resorts Destroy Land Around Widowed Pensioner’s Condo

May 27th, 2016

County officials are revising building permits after Westgate Resorts have announced that they will start building their proposed 24-million-dollar timeshare towers around the holiday home of a widowed pensioner.  Westgate have been fighting the now 81-year-old Julieta Corredor for the last 10 years to purchase her holiday duplex next to sea world so that they […]

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